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Best Gun Cleaning MAT

Whenever someone inquires me about the first love of my life, my answer is never hesitant and i always bluntly say ‘Guns’. Yes, I fell in love with guns and its accessories since my childhood as while growing up I watched my father and uncles to practice shooting and use guns regularly at shooting ranges or nearby farms, therefore, this love for guns can also be called genetic as it always fascinated me. My father had a decent collection of arms and he used to take me with him while going out for shooting, initially, I just used to notice and observe the technicalities of loading, unloading guns and the precautions one must take as this is a dangerous activity which can often lead to some serious injuries or even fatalities if one does not pay a careful approach.

Once I asked my father about the life of the guns and he answered that the life of the arms can be very long depending upon how well you maintain them. After that, my father used to make me sit with him and asked me to observe how he cleans his arm collection, one thing which I noticed that he was putting his guns on a unique and a special kind of mat for cleaning purpose and he told me the advantages of using a proper gun cleaning mat rather than anything else as these are specially designed to serve this purpose. Please note that people often do mistake by trying to clean their guns by a simple cloth on the dining table or some other household table without using a proper mat which often results in leakage of oil and other cleaning agents on to the surfaces of the tables and damages them. Below I have mentioned the best gun cleaning mats which were recommended by my father and later I have been using them and never I encountered them failing to serve the purpose.

Visit the given link to know more about Gun’s cleaning mats:

  • TekMat Gun Cleaning Mat

TekMat is a renowned company which specializes in making the finest cleaning mats for guns. The company continuously improves their produced mats and strives to enhance the quality. TekMat cleaning mats are best for cleaning of rifles and I have been using the same to clean my AR15 rifle. This mat has a 12×36” size which is sufficient to comfortably put AR15 sized rifles on top; furthermore, this comes in a thermoplastic waterproof surface which means the oil and other cleaning agents would not leak and damage the actual table or other surface you are cleaning your rifle on. Also, it has a non-slippery back which means it grips the table surface to ensure the weapon does not slip while cleaning.

  • Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Mat

Sage & Braker, this is another huge name in the gun cleaning industry. This is not just a mat rather it can also be called a bag as it comes with four pockets attached to it to keep oil and other cleaning agents. This is extremely durable mat/bag as it is manufactured with thick leather along with heavy wool. When unrolled, the full surface of mat measures up to 69×16” along with 1/2“ thickness making it feasible for almost every rifle, pistol & shotguns.