Best Binoculars for Elk Hunting- Reviews

Elk Hunting is a once in a lifetime experience, and in order to capture those surreal moments you need to have outstanding equipment, including a solid pair of binoculars.  This blog lists out some of the best Binoculars in the industry and why they are suitable for Elk Hunting.

Nikon MONARCH 10×42 Binoculars

Amazing opticsOn the Expensive side
It is WaterproofIs Slightly heavy
Highly Durable 

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The Nikon Monarch Binoculars really set the standards, and have taken mammoth strides as being hailed as the king of this industry. The extraordinary Lens provide the customers with World- Class views, with clear and sharp images from a long range. They are Built for the outside world, for such a purpose like Elk Hunting, you need a pair of binoculars that will withstand any circumstance, which is something this pair blossoms in.  The durability it has is truly impressive as it is extremely strong and can receive several beatings, but still won’t be affected, and its waterproof ability enables customers to use it freely despite the weather.  Despite all these qualities, the pair do contain a few drawbacks one of them being the price which sums up to a total of $300 which is too much for some customers and is the reason they go for other ones.  Lastly, it is on the heavy side, and can become really inconvenient for customers to use for long periods outside.

Vortex Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars

Very Lightweight and portableWay too Expensive
Brilliant Optics 

 The Vortex Viper certainly has the potential to be the best in the market as they have a lot of qualities in their arsenal. For starters, unlike the Nikon, they are extremely light in weight as a result customers are allowed to carry it around for longer periods of time without any hassle.  They also have world- Class optics and provide customers with stunning results. The most applaud able trait they have is its weatherproof ability. It is able to thrive in all circumstances, whether it be rain, snow or even fog, and this is perfect for elk hunting which requires to be outside most of the time. However a huge setback for this pair is how expensive it is, which is the main reason customers chose another brand.

Bushnell H2O Binoculars

Extremely sturdyImages can be a lot sharper.
Great Value 

When it comes to Value and pricing, there is no better than the Bushnell H20, as they are an amazing investment that provide a great return. Aside from that, the Binoculars  is made for al situations and scenarios, and it’s durability is very impressive. Similar to the Vortex it is also weatherproof and will not let you down despite the weather. However, the quality of images that it produces is not as clear nor as strong as the first two which is a drawback for elk hunters, but for the price it is at, it is definitely a good buy.