A Detailed Comprehension on Pool Pumps


Are you concerned about how long should I run my pool pump? If yes, then this blog is going to incline much of your knowledge about your swimming pool pumps. To be honest, the simplest answer to should pool pump run continuously is every day, every hour and every minute. Well, I believed that’s not realistically possible so let’s find out when we shall need to make the pool pump running.

Obviously, if you run the pool pump for the whole month, I am sure, you’d e pretty much in debt due to the electricity bill. So, what is the ideal time to run the pool pump? That is eight hours a day, at least. The more the better but minimum duration should be one-third of the entire day.

Duration of Pool Pumps Operations…

Now, some people as how long should I run my above ground pool pump? And I say the same thing to everyone. The eight hour rule is set. No amendments! Many people are also concerned about when should I run my pool pump, day or night? Since, pool pump is like the heart of your filtration system, therefore its timings should be more on the day time rather than night. As the pool has more tendencies to grasp all of the dust particles and other bigger fragments during the day time and lesser at night, therefore even if you turn the pool pump on at night, your pool water would be most likely to capture dust during the day (when the pool pump is turned off).

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No matter what kind of filtration system (sand filtration, cartilage filtration, etc) that you might have, if you have a good variable speed pool pump, your life becomes heavenly. Now, what is a pool pump variable speed?

You know, there are kinds of pool pumps. Number 1 comes with the single speed when the water in your pool is going on the filtration system at one speed no matter how dirty your pool is the one speed that you have set the start of your day, will remain the same for the rest of the day. Whereas the second one comes with the multiple speeds and that is why it is called variable speed pool pump.

The good thing about variable speed pool pump is that it changes its speed according to the condition of the pool; you don’t have to change it manually all the time. If your pool is filled with more dirt at the start of the day, it will automatically speed up the process of filtration and won’t slow down until the pool is completely cleaned with all the big as well as small particles. Isn’t it great? Now, you might ask how long to run the variable speed pool pump? And the answer is the same – eight hours a day at least, and obviously, as I mentioned earlier; the more, the better.